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    Educating pupils with a gentle feast curriculum in an atmosphere of love and respect. Following Charlotte Mason’s principle, The Living Pupil Homeschool gives particular attention our pupil’s relationship with God, with man and with the world.



  • Our Curriculum

    The Living Pupil Homeschool gives particular attention towards our pupil’s relationship with God, with man and with the world.
    • Personalized education

      Parents have the freedom to select lessons that tailor fits their child’s needs.

    • Educating the whole person

      Because children are born persons, we educate the mind, body and spirit.

    • Cultivates deep love for learning

      Rather than focusing only on grades, we aim to ignite the student’s deep love for learning.

    • Living books

      Our students enjoy a feast of ideas through living books and not just dry facts.

    • Affordable

      Families can manage their finances with our affordable tuition fee and installment plans.

    • Charlotte Mason

      Charlotte Mason is an 18th-century educator who believes that education should be liberal for all and that parents play a significant role in educating their children. She believed that children are born persons with capabilities necessary to acquire all appropriate knowledge for themselves by feasting on ideas; thus, they are not empty vessels that teachers are to fill knowledge with. Education is an atmosphere (the natural atmosphere in our homes directly affect our children’s education), a discipline (the formation of good habits through intentional training) and life (learning should be living, through living books and not just the presentation of dry facts) became the parent’s motto in her schools. Students are taught to memorize “I am, I can, I ought, I will” as their motto.

    • Modular Curriculum

      The modular curriculum uses modules as the primary instructional material. Modules are self-contained, independent instruction units, systematically organized and well defined set of courses that constitute a particular area of specialization. The use of modules in education is an emerging trend because of its outcome-based learning paradigm. One of the benefits of a modular curriculum is expedited course creation. This means that all lessons and resources are already provided; therefore, minimal training and instructions are required.

  • Homeschool Stories

  • Homeschool Stories from our Parents

  • We started homeschooling three years ago because we wanted our kids to learn at their own pace and to have more time with them. We believe that when we spend more time with them, we become the main influencers in their life and we are able to keep a strong bond as a family, which we think is a strong foundation for their emotional health. [Learn More]

    • Kristine Gavilano

      Homeschooling is a lifestyle, and I mean it doesn’t start and end with us sitting down for a lecture. It means our home atmosphere is set to nurturing the love for learning.

    • Kris and Micah Dayna

      As parents, our ultimate desire is for our children to live in their God-given purpose. We want to establish a solid foundation, a good soil, so that the seed in them will grow in their full potential.

    • Peter & Noreen Partosa

      Very responsive to questions and inquiries. The living pupil and Teacher Zen helped us begin and supported us in our homeschooling journey from totally knowing nothing about it. Thank you so much!

    • Donald and Babychris Bragat

      Awesome Provider! They are willing to cater all queries about homeschooling. This provider has contributed a lot on my kid’s school journey from values to life skills. Thumbs up!

    • Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.

      Charlotte Mason
      The Parent’s Review
    • The formation of habits is education and education is the formation of habits.

      Charlotte Mason
      Home Education
    • The knowledge of God is the principal knowledge.

      Charlotte Mason
      A Philosophy of Education
    • We hold that all education is divine, that every good gift of knowledge and insight comes from above.

      Charlotte Mason
      School Education
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